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Scraps of something shiny.
Take with you the finer things, you deserve nothing but the best. The golden locket that is my heart, I hang 'round your neck.
Open and winded. Stench, pricks at nerves thought dead. Wake. Wake, and reclaim what was always yours. Remember. Remember, what little time is left.
:icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 0 0
Hat by Tsukapon44 Hat :icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 1 1
Purely Sexual
Smell of Crimson
Steel pierces fleshy casing
Sudden and Sharp
Shifting to Blue
Ragged Orgasm
Rush of fluids and feel
Raising a Crescendo
Rolling to Red
Beads of Ecstasy
Bleeding only a caress
Blank shivering states
Barren hearts left over
:icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 1 7
Abstaining A Snake
Infatuation floods to finger tips
Wasted Times
Beg for a golden release
Receive only harsh words
Hermit in a lonely bivouac
Cut out what was once shiny
Throw it away
Horde black things
They have meaning
Forgotten Moments
Cherish nothing extensive
Let down the one you love
Smile conclusively
Hope comes in the form of drink
Affliction long displaced
Squandered Words
Farewell to unwanted discourse
A professional at abandonment
Being open always a mistake
Lost Goods
Pieces of something that was never whole
This is Worthlessness
:icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 1 6
POOR Sketchbooks 9 by Tsukapon44 POOR Sketchbooks 9 :icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 0 0 POOR Sketchbooks 8 by Tsukapon44 POOR Sketchbooks 8 :icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 0 0 POOR Sketchbooks 7 by Tsukapon44 POOR Sketchbooks 7 :icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 1 0 POOR Sketchbooks 6 by Tsukapon44 POOR Sketchbooks 6 :icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 0 0 POOR Sketchbooks 5 by Tsukapon44
Mature content
POOR Sketchbooks 5 :icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 0 0
POOR Sketchbooks 4 by Tsukapon44 POOR Sketchbooks 4 :icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 0 0 POOR Sketchbooks 3 by Tsukapon44 POOR Sketchbooks 3 :icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 0 0 POOR Sketchbooks 2 by Tsukapon44 POOR Sketchbooks 2 :icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 0 0 POOR Sketchbooks 1 by Tsukapon44 POOR Sketchbooks 1 :icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 0 0
Veneer of Ruin
It's true
The blame should be set upon me
I am not strong as you say
Crumbing at the weigh of your pain
I gave up a beautiful thing
Thinking only of my own pain
I acted to aid only to see it blow up in my face
Now I lay here as you lay there
Feeling the same thing all the while
Thinking our pain is too great to be of use to another
I have made the first move and you make not the second
I am folding
I will move away
I will forget those shining eyes and sharp smirk
I realize now that not seeing you and continuing to feel cheapens my words to you
I know you think this is better, to love from afar, but you will feel the tear I feel now
And you will know the mistake I made
Only to realize I am miles away by now
:icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 1 0
Regret My Birth
If not for the fact that IT has already been given
We would ask that IT never be given
YOU say We waste it but We have barely begun to use it
YOU limited IT's meaning
YOU make IT useless
Take it back
:icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 0 0
Physiognomy by Tsukapon44 Physiognomy :icontsukapon44:Tsukapon44 1 0
Parts Of My smARTs? :3

Also feel free to leave your critz BRO. I'd like to grow as an artist and I need HALP to do it...

Random Favourites

You Are Strong, Yet Weak:Fear:
She acts like nothing is wrong,
Like nothing can ever faze her.
She acts like she has no fear,
Like death can't even take her.
But when I find her crying
All alone under the tree,
I don't point this out.
I just hold her,
Hold her,
Hold her,
Until she falls asleep.
But when I find her shaking
Because of a fear
That is consuming her body
I don't point this out.
I just hold her,
Hold her,
Hold her,
Until she can smile again.
:iconcollateral-damage666:Collateral-Damage666 123 80
people-gods and demon-mirrors
You can see how lost I am
when I wander between my tasks
and when I try to speak,
I bite my tongue in half
Warmth and a smile send me into shock
when they leave, the bottom drops out
I dive headlong in multiplied gravity
Later on in the bottom of the deepest fault,
could you meet me with another pair of wings?
Play for me the saddest songs
only to show me they've lost all power
© 2011 Matthew M. Danielson
:iconmmdanielson:MMDanielson 2 7
Portrait of Crime by s-caruso Portrait of Crime :icons-caruso:s-caruso 11,972 1,215 Cascading Down by SparklingAcrobat Cascading Down :iconsparklingacrobat:SparklingAcrobat 2 0 Latifa - cover nu. 3 by tawfi2 Latifa - cover nu. 3 :icontawfi2:tawfi2 790 114
This world is controlled.
This world is corrupt.
But no one seems to notice.
More and more people
Are dying each day.
But no one seems to notice.
The Shadows are growing,
They threaten to wipe us out.
But no one seems to notice.
There's no difference
Between any human being.
But no one seems to notice.
Every time a Normal dies
A Super dies with them.
But no one seems to notice.
Why is it all up to me,
A sixteen year old boy
To save this damned world
That no one seems to notice?
:iconcollateral-damage666:Collateral-Damage666 13 13
The Tale
Once upon a time
The world began
No human intelligence
Roaming the land
Once upon a time
Humans came to be
Exploring the land
And learning new things
Once upon a time
Humans evolved and advanced
Expanding their minds
Discovering the truth
Once upon a time
Humans began to feel
Starting with love and bliss
Falling to hate and anger
Once upon a time
Humans were medieval
Then wiped out
By the black plague
Once upon a time
Art and beauty returned
With the Renaissance
A new beginning
Once upon a time
So called "new land" was founded
And humans settled
Claiming it their own
Once upon a time
Fire turned to electricity
Electricity turned to technology
And learning continued
Once upon a time
Skin colour was different
It was light and dark
Dark being inferior
Once upon a time
Wars broke out
Blood was shed
Hands were washed
Once upon a time
Freedom was found
Rights were given
Humans became equal
Once upon a time
The world hated again
And the whole world went to war
More than just once
Once upon a
:iconflywithdamagedwings:FlyWithDamagedWings 3 2
two by Mrskphoto two :iconmrskphoto:Mrskphoto 20 2 Id-matryosha by FF00CC Id-matryosha :iconff00cc:FF00CC 4 10 The Powerpuff Girls by Pikiru The Powerpuff Girls :iconpikiru:Pikiru 13,814 0
My name is Breathless
I can't breathe when you are near
My name is Memoryless
I have no memories, only fear
My name is Bondless
There can't be a bond between you and me
My name is Friendless
I don't have any friends as you can see
My name is Sleepless
I just stay awake and think of you
My name is Painless
There's only emptiness and nothing you can do
My name is Tearless
There are no tears left to cry
My name is Trustless
Can't trust anyone just want to die
My name is Skinless
There's no outside to show me
My name is Nameless
There's just nothing I can be
My name is Warless
I don't want to fight
My name is Endless
I want to be forever by your side
But I will destroy everything we've built together
My name is Loveless,
I can never have true love forever.
:iconaislin-sedai:Aislin-Sedai 2,490 949
Chunky and Plumpy by humon Chunky and Plumpy :iconhumon:humon 3,564 1,952 I WANT YOU TO MAKE BELIEVE by tuuri I WANT YOU TO MAKE BELIEVE :icontuuri:tuuri 21 18 Alea iacta est... by tibi111 Alea iacta est... :icontibi111:tibi111 4 3 The Midnight Game. II by zemotion The Midnight Game. II :iconzemotion:zemotion 33,095 2,413

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United States
I am but a human being... well I'm also a robot... Can be used as Can opener and Mystery Solver...

"All of them are fakes. The world is filled with them. They say things like, "I love you," and "I like you," just to tie others down. "Look this way," and, "Stay by my side." They just covet and fawn on people. My love is different. It's a broader, more complete thing." -Patrick Garza

Current Residence: Earth f-12
deviantWEAR sizing preference: T-shirt size A
Print preference: I'm more of a cursive gal...
Favourite genre of music: Maybe like Dyke rock or something
Favourite photographer: ME lol
Favourite style of art: uh... art fu?
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano 3rd gen
Shell of choice: Conch... So I can be the speaker...
Wallpaper of choice: Hitagi Senjōgahara of bakemonogatari
Skin of choice: the fleshy kind...
Favourite cartoon character: Lenalee Lee of D.Grayman
Personal Quote: We all break a part sometimes... It's how you put yourself back that's important...
Okay. It's been a while. I've just bought a book to start writing in so I hope that will happen. I hope to end my hiatus soon.



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Hey good to see you back. Thanks for the fav!
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Yup yup.
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I had a bunch of stuff I was working on but it's on my computer which needs fixin' :P
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It's my laptop. All it needs is a new backlight and I ordered one but it wasn't the right one so I have to order a new one :I
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Tsukapon44 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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